Exhibition at Weimar Hauptbahnhof by the class Waiting at HBF, taught by Natalia Irina Roman

“Warte Bitte” is an exhibition at Weimar Hauptbahnhof, by students of the class “Waiting at HBF”, a cooperation with Deutsche Bahn

Exhibition on the train platforms at Weimar Hauptbahnhof by students of Bauhaus University

The exhibition was installed in the tunnel and on the train platforms at Weimar train stations

How often do you notice yourself waiting? When you notice where your mind wanders and all the little things you do when you’ve nothing to do? We wait for a lot of things in our lives, trains being one of a very long list, but we thought it important to question this very ordinary, very familiar aspect of our lives anyway.

This exhibition collects responses to questions asked of passengers around the train station surrounding the concept of “waiting” and invites you to think more closely about how we use this time, or how better to use it.
A collective art work by Erkan Karasaç, Annika Johanna Nitsche, Idil Öztürk, Betül Peker, Thai Tai Pham, Lilly Ramone Annemarie Rother and Adam Walsh, part of the class “Waiting at HBF”, Bauhaus Module designed and taught by Natalia Irina Roman. Friday, June 2nd, 3 pm, Weimar Hauptbahnhof.

Exhibition at Weimar Hauptbahnhof about the topic of waiting

Opening of the exhibition “Warte bitte” with a performance and introduction by Thai Tai Pham


Visit to the interlocking tower at Weimar Hauptbahnhof, while listening to trains passing by.

Field research at Weimar Hauptbahnhof: How does waiting feel like?


What do you do while waiting? Did you ever have an interesting encounter while waiting?