Invisible Strings is a participatory art installation, created for and with the participants of the workshop on experience design, at KAOS PILOT, in Aarhus, DK, in 2023. Built on a former plane wing, the installation invited the participants to span colorful strings among concepts relevant for them, on the topic of travel, in order to find common interests. The colorful web makes abstract concepts visible and gives a a tangible form to otherwise invisible conversations.

Follow is a work designed for and in cooperation with the fellows & friends programme of the Hertie Foundation, which took place at Harnack House in Berlin, with the occasion of the 2018 ff Summit. The exhibition was designed context specifically by Natalia Irina Roman for the Harnack Haus and for the event, taking into account architectural and social elements. Follow is a participative installation built with quotations gathered over the past years from various fellows of the foundation. The fellows come from eclectic fields and the work celebrates this diversity. Natalia selected the quotes from portraits of the fellows, that she has gathered over the past few years. She has been interviewing and portraying the fellows of the foundation since 2014.

MigrArte is a series of participative art works, designed in collaboration with the organisation MaMis en Moviemento, Rocio Vasquez and Sonia Peters. In this framework, works of art – installations, photography, drawings, dance – are designed together with children and women with migration background. When language fails us, art bridges. The process includes cooking sessions and trips through art spaces in Berlin, such as Hamburger Bahnhof or Südgelände.

Post It is a participative art work designed for and together with the staff and students of the Hertie School. The two elements of the site specific project (photo 60 X 90 and video) are composed out of hundreds of used post its collected from students and employees of the organisation over a time span of two years. The work was presented as part of the exhibition “Personal Expressions”, curated by Gabriele Brühl and Diana Mirza-Grisco, and the project was supported by the fellows & friends programme of the Hertie Foundation.

Exhibition artists: Adriana Lopez Hernandez, Anna Tomaszewska, Deniz Öztuna, Franziska Harnisch, Franziska Rauber, Theresa Wagner, Gesa Wicke, Katharina Weiss, Harmke Kruithof, Ivan Capriles, Ivonne Dippmann, Magdalena Zygier, Maria Lisenko, Natalia Irina Roman, Olga Demi, Phuong Anh Phan, Zsolt Hunyadi.

Through the Key Hole and Arbeitstisch are two participative art works designed for and together with the community of a house project. The first exhibition is historical and looks back at the past of the building, including press and stories from the time when the house project was occupied and then bought by the people who occupied it, as well as historical and recent photos and installations. The second exhibition explores through photography the connections between the work places of the people living in the house project, by making use of a birds eye view, as a unifying factor.

Location and project partner: Leben und Wohnen im Kiez e.V., Berlin.