Participatory art: Invisible Strings
Art experience designed for and with the participants of a class on Experience Design, at Kaos Pilot. The participants were invited to create, connect and have meaningful conversations. 2023, Aarhus, DK. More info here.

Teaching (EN): Art and Train & Waiting at HBF 
Practice classes transforming train journeys into art, with interdisciplinary students and art practitioners working in the railway context, at University of Arts in Berlin and at Bauhaus University Weimar, 2023. More info here.

90 Seconds Pitch: Along the Lines
Short presentation of the art initiative and art research Along the Lines at Bauhaus University Weimar. Here you can see the 90″

Exhibition: Rabbits and Rails
Group exhibition, with video and sound works about the Ring Bahn from Berlin, at Halles Saint Géry, Brussels (BE), Estoanian Road Museum, Varbuse (EST), Museo di Geografia, Padova (IT), Verkehrszentrum Deutsches Museum, Munich (DE), 2022-3. More info here.

Conference (EN): Technology and Mobility 
Presentation at the 23rd Biennial interdisciplinary conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, with a paper on the artistic potential of the railway context and train passengers as an art audience, Tokyo, JP, 2023. More info here.

Exhibition: Lumbung Lounge
Collective installation at Stellwerk Galerie in Kulturbahnhof. Kassel, 2022, including a screening with 31 artists selected through an Open Call and a discussion with Reza Afisina about inclusive art strategies. More info here.

Video work: Here
Video work and artist talk at the PUTSPACE Symposium, on the topic of the potential of art spaces along the railway lines. Rabryka, Görlitz, 2021. More info here.

Exhibition: Connecting Lights
Winner of the art competition for a light exhibition along the Spree. The visionary of this competition is Industriesalon, Berlin-Schöneweide. More info here.