Exhibition sticker by Elizaveta Efimova.


The train is a multifaceted space where we eat, chat, read, listen to music, talk on the phone, gaze out the window, and observe others. It efficiently transports us from point A to B, and in bustling cities like Berlin, people spend a significant amount of time on public transportation.
However, the train is not typically seen as a place for artistic expression, but perhaps it should be. Despite its suitability for aesthetic interventions, such artistic endeavors occur infrequently. Artists often prefer urban parks or squares for performances and exhibitions, while trains remain overlooked.
The exhibition “Trainscapes” spotlights the beauty found within the everyday banalities of traveling. To truly experience a mindful train journey, we keenly analyzed passenger dynamics, documented our impressions through writing and photography, and engaged in conversations. Additionally, we ventured to Erkner, a small town on Berlin’s outskirts, exploring disused interlocking towers and engaging with long-time DB employees who shared vivid stories, providing us with practical, technical, and emotional insights.
This exhibition reflects our personal experiences of creating art on trains. Ultimately, it aims to inspire us all to travel with open eyes, engaging all our senses, as doing so allows us to experience more than we initially expect. An exhibition with: Riccarda Belakovits, Rebecca Buus, Anneli Dormann, Elizaveta Efimova, Sofie Johnsen, Julianne Nele Jungblut, Katarzyna Modrzynska, Paz Martin, Mathias Marquard Nymand, Cara Luiza Zaga.

During field research with Deutsche Bahn employees.