Read to Me in the Stars

Site-specific installation celebrating 10 years since Antje-Oeklesund (AO) Cultural Centre has been around in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The work is part of the two-artists exhibition »Antje Konservatorium«,  with the photographer Menno Aden.

The five-meter-high artwork is an installation made out of ivy and objects found at the location, and it functions like an archive of the place. The ambiguity of the vertical structure leaves it open to the beholder if nature conquers the installation or if the ivy rather supports the structure of the installation, and helps it expand further up. The exhibition »Antje Konservatorium« celebrates the past and looks into the future of the club. Antje-Oeklesund has existed for 10 years in this industrial yard in the mids of Berlin-Friedrichshain; new investors bought the building complex, demolished big parts of it, under the condition of offering a new space to the AO crew. The future of the club is uncertain and spills over into the rest of the city, for now, into the public space – AO takes part in various events in Berlin, like the yearly festival Ortstermin in Moabit.

Exhibition curated by Alicja Möltner.
Cooperation partners: Apeiron Films, Studio Landschaftsarchitektur Susanne Pretsch, Design Studio Stache, Antje Oeklesund.

Halle 125

Site specific installation for one of the former electric halls of the Reinbeckhallen. Halle 125 is a solo exhibition for the yearly art festival Kunst am Spreeknie in Berlin-Schöneweide. Curators: Marlene Lerch and Mareike Lemme. In cooperation with Reinbeckhallen, Schöneweide Kreativ, Kunst am Spreeknie and Apeiron Films.

Industrial objects borrowed from Industriesalon, are married with ivy from ground to ceiling. Ivy lines start from different parts of the installation, each of them beginning in an old GDR re-deisgned lightbulb, filled with water, in order to keep the ivy fresh for the duration of the festival. When entering the hall, one can not immediately tell if the five meters tall industrial ivy structure grew into the hall through the concrete floor, or if it was brought there.

Text about the work by Achim Wamßler

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