Site-specific installation for GlogauAIR – former school, now an art space, in Berlin Neukölln. The work includes different materials: bed linen, mattress, cushions, buttons, threads, clock, falling synthetic feathers, which are set in motion by the passerby, wood, glass, dress, light, and it stretches over the three floors of the building. The work is part of the exhibition show “More than a Million”.

Installation Natalia Irina Roman falling synthetic feathersThe installation begins with a small alarm clock positioned on the ground floor and unfolds upwards, with textile threads and other objects belonging to the bedroom. The visitor is part of a reversed world – the action of falling asleep is re-winded from the alarm clock upwards, as the viewer climbs the stairs. Downstairs, the visitor is awake and they progressively enter this world at the border between reality and dream, as they climb up the stairs. The feathers are set in motion by climbing the stairs and their flight is left to chance, which is contributing to the up and down movement central to the work.
Here you can find a further documentation of the exhibition.

Exhibition artists: Mario Asef, Marisa Benjamim,  Natalia Irina Roman, Stephan Halter, Stephanie Gerner, St. & St., Tatjana Fell.

Exhibition curated by Delphine Marinier and Peter Krilles.