On a quest to reimagine the everyday experience of commuting, this installation is a poetic invitation to assess the power of art to repurpose aging infrastructure in major cities. The project, based on extensive research into the transportation systems of New York, Berlin and Bucharest, explores the intricacies of urban mobility through a compelling mix of media, offering a fresh perspective on the rhythms, emotions and narratives embedded in the act of commuting.

The installation will be on view in the lobby and window of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York from April 12 through June 20, 2024. This choice of venue is intentional, as in∙ner transit not only addresses the theme of public transportation, but also responds to the transitory nature of the space, reflecting the constant movement of commuters.

Incorporating elements of video, textual intervention, and participatory engagement, the installation is designed to engage visitors to the Institute as well as passersby. Visitors are encouraged to contribute their reflections and associations of transportation to enrich a collective textual artwork installed in the lobby.

The opening event, which will take place on April 12 from 6 to 8 pm, will be complemented by an artist’s talk designed to contextualize in∙ner transit within the larger field of Roman practice, thereby fostering a nuanced appreciation of the intersection of art and public transportation. For free registration please follow this link.

Join on an exploratory journey through the inner realms of urban transit, as in∙ner transit invites us to pause, reflect, and rediscover the beauty hidden in the routines of our daily journeys.