This storytelling project begun back in 2011, when Natalia Irina Roman spent a summer on the former Tempelhof airport and was fascinated by the people met there and their stories about the new meanings of the Tempelhof park. Tell me your story is an invitation to others to tell about their Berlin: a plethora of forms of life and lifestyles offside the main cultural hubs and topics of the city. Some of the stories in the past were written together with other writers, such as Yamina El Atlassi, Jéremie Gerhardt and Roland Siegloff.

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Portraits of the Hertie fellows

This series looks into the diversity of the backgrounds of the fellows of the Hertie Foundation. Musicians, policy experts or doctors – the fellows & friends programme of the Hertie Foundation is the bridge among this eclectic crowd.

Portraits behind independent art spaces

This series follows one edition of the Project Space Festival Berlin. The festival invites to a month-long trip through Berlin’s independent art scene. The 31 portraits of this series give insights into the independent artist and curator scene of what some say is the reason why so many people love Berlin – its difference.

Portraits on the former Tempelhof airport

This series is about people in Berlin and their relationship to the former Tempelhof airport, and the many skies over the cityscape. These portraits are a peek at the airport, and unroll portraits and fragments of conversations.

Portraits of ships of a city without sea

House boats, floating taverns, getaway boats and cargo ships. Who are Annika, Alte Liebe, Amica and Alfred? On which waters are they floating in Berlin? Fishermans’ tales and true stories from the ships of a city without a seaside.

Portraits from traditional pubs (Eckkneipe) in all districts of Berlin

Stories from Berliner pubs with tradition. Who is there? Why? And what’s coming next? This series invites to a tavern tour, through all quarters of Berlin, with bar portraits and fragments of conversations.