Since 2006 in Berlin.
10 years + of work on space transformation, space design, space creation, space strategy and networks design, networks activation, networks extension and new formats development.
Large scale installation work, city research and art in public space since 2010.
Exhibited in solo and group shows in Germany and abroad. Working at the intersection between the off scene, like the 48 hours Neukölln or house projects, and established institutions, like the Martin-Gropius-Bau or Berlinale.
Part of circles of fellows across disciplines, like the fellows & friends community of the Hertie Foundation. Former professional chess player.

Artist Statement

My work is process driven, meaning prior research fuels my installation making, covering architecture, a sense of place or narratives of places and of people. I work with mixed materials, sometimes found at the location, other times materials that we cannot fully control, like the wind. The complex intricate processes of the making lead eventually to strong visual components in their end results. Living sculptures, including plants, or breathing works, set in motion by the passer by, participative art pieces or documentaries, my projects highlight the potential of spaces (sometimes) hidden in front of our eyes. My work re-integrates objects and places into the visible landscape morphology and re-defines them.

Talks & Conferences (selected)

12.09.19 Speaker, “Cohousing projects in Berlin”, Happy Pigeons Coliving Space, Berlin
11.09.19 Speaker, “Disused railway spaces”, Project Space KIMGO, Berlin
22.07.19 Speaker, “Spatial art strategies for temporary spaces”, Bärenquell Brauerei, Berlin
07.06.19 Speaker, “Minimal Travelling“, together w. Achim Wamßler, Kunsthalle Below
24.05.19 Speaker, “Railway Art Spaces”, Conf. Impossible Complicities, feld fünf, Metropolenhaus, Berlin
14.05.19 Speaker, “Co-housing projects in Germany”, Communitism, Athens
07.05.19 Speaker, “The Future of (Co)Living“, Factory Berlin
11.04.19 Speaker, “Wem gehört die Stadt?“, Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz, Berlin
24.01.19 Lecturer, “Re-activated disused spaces of the railway”, Institute for City Planning, TU Berlin
06.12.18 Moderator, “Tiny houses, big visions”, w. Van Bo Le-Mentzel, Projekthaus Potsdam
25.10.18 Moderator, “DB disused spaces“, w. Prof. F. Eckardt, U. Dittfurth, Dr. M. Hölzinger, Nicolaihaus
25.09.18 Speaker, “Trains & Art“, with Michael Knoll, Prof. Jörn Hintzer, Onno Szillis, DB mindbox, Berlin
20.06.18 Lecturer, “City research of former signal towers”, Bauhaus University, Weimar
12.02.18 Speaker, “Potential of disused spaces by the railway”, Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz, Berlin
05.02.18 Speaker, “Zone C Artist in Residency: Alternative forms of living”, Projekthaus Potsdam
01.06.17 Speaker, “An art space at the scale of the city”, Conf. Considerations of Urban Aesthetics, Helsinki Uni.
10.04.17 Speaker, “The invisible signal towers”, Ortskuratorium, Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz, Berlin

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Along the Lines, various former signal towers of Deutsche Bahn, on the Ring Bahn and on the S-Bahn Line 3; the exhibition included public talks about disused DB property, DB mindbox and Nicolaihaus, Berlin
2018 Follow, Harnack-Haus, Berlin
2015-17 Arbeitstisch, Leben und Wohnen im Kiez e.V., Berlin
2014 Halle 125, Kunst am Spreeknie Festival, Reinbeckhallen, Berlin
2013 Just another Boat, Round the Corner Gallery, Lisbon
2010 Asphalt Grün, Peter-Behrens-Halle, Plattenvereinigung, Berlin

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2019 Urban Refractions, Exhibition part of Urban Art Week, Kimgo Project Space, Berlin
2019 Manifest of Practice, Exhibition Bauhaus 100, Thüringenhaus, Berlin
2018 Unseen, Exhibition Curatorial Part Uno, Alte Münze, Berlin
2018 Tick Tack, Exhibition Dissolving Boundaries, University Library, Weimar
2017 Follow the Line & Bloch Aufzüge, installations, with André Stache, Exhibition Tracing Utopia, Löwenpalais (Stiftung Starke) & Biesdorf Schloss (ZKR), Berlin
2015-16 Read to Me in the Stars, Exhibition Antje Konservatorium, Antje Oeklesund, Berlin
2014 Your boat, Exhibition Macht Geld, Schöneweide Kreativ, Berlin
2014 ABCedary, Exhibition More than a Million, GlogauAIR, Berlin
2013 Shipwreck, Exhibition Warp & Woof, It’s a Matter of Storytelling, District Berlin
2013 Zerbrechlich, Exhibition Factory Opening, Bard College Berlin
2013 Post It, Exhibition Personal Expressions, Hertie School, Berlin
2012 Flying Ships, 48H Neukölln Festival; Prachtsaal Neukölln, Berlin

Grants & Awards (selected)

2019 Residency, “Minimal Travelling”, Kunsthalle Below, Germany
2019 Project funding, “Art and Former Signal Towers”, Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin
2018 Project funding, “Along the lines”, Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin
2016-18 Bauhaus Grant, installation art and city research, Berlin
2017 Welt.Raum.Bauhaus Grant, conference on urban aesthetics, Lahti & Helsinki
2016 IBA Grant, lab & residency, raumlabor & Wüstenrot Stiftung, Apolda
2009-10 Project Funding, “Asphalt Grün”, Hertie Foundation, Berlin
2007-09 Hertie Foundation Grant, graduate studies, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin
2006-07 ECLA Grant, graduate studies, Bard College Berlin

Teaching (selected)

SoSe 20 “Railway Stories”, Summer School, Bauhaus University Weimar
WiSe 17/18 “Along the Train Tracks“, MFA Public Art & New Artistic Strategies, Bauhaus University Weimar

Study & Research (selected)

Installation Art & City Research at Bauhaus University Weimar
Master of Public Policy at Hertie School of Governance, Arts Policy and Art Spaces
Installation Art at Bard College Berlin


bbk Network for Art in Public Space (since 2017)
Projekthaus Babelsberg (since 2017)
Berlinerpool Artists Network (since 2013)
Leben und Wohnen im Kiez e. V. (since 2008)
Spotted by Locals Writers Network (2008-18)