Zone C is an artist in residency programme currently being set up in two trailers, in Berlin/Brandenburg, with a focus on alternative ways of living, art in public space and urban development. The trailers are based on the grounds of Project House Potsdam. Zone C is built on the infrastructure and networks of the project house and their affiliated circles. The first residency is currently being advertised for the summer of 2019.



What is Zone C?

We are seeking a collaboration with an artist, architect or city researcher who is passionate about urban development and unique forms of living. We are Project House Potsdam-Babelsberg, an alternative housing project, who has the fortune of having two trailers for an artist to not only live in, but re-define. We envision this artist-in-residency as a programme, where not only would the artist engage with the programmes at the project house and project at hand, but will also get to actively research and work with the community on the issues of housing in Berlin, Potsdam and the wider area around it – fondly known as Zone C.

Who are we seeking?

We are seeking artists who are prepared to take the trailers and turn them into vehicles of their own imagination. We are looking for artists who work process-oriented, and will enter our community with the intent of collaborating and shaping their idea inspired by or to the space and community they will be residing in. Our hope is that whatever the artist chooses to create will continue to exist even after the artist’s residency comes to an end and will nurture the infrastructure we currently have in place.

The Background of the Programme

Situated as the Project House in Potsdam and within Zone C, we plan to have the residency be an active contribution to the ongoing debates about the scarcity of living and working space in Berlin, Potsdam and other places in Brandenburg. We are situated on the precipice of the issue – a mere half an hour from the centre of Berlin and located in a historical, residential area known for its inaccessible, historical homes. The raising rents and pressure of commercialization are acute problems in these spaces, problems which we hope to address with our project by making (more) alternative forms of living visible, by creating new models and fueling the discourse about this

This first residency is the beginning of what we hope will be a starting point for spreading Europe-wide alternative housing projects — to question the decision-making processes of institutions and policy makers, and to allow participation of non-commercial and non-state agents to engage outside of the classical framework.

Project House PotsdamProject House Potsdam

How will the Project House Potsdam-Babelsberg support you?

Project House Potsdam-Babelsberg will give the artist access to all components of the Project House, including the practical workshops such as woodwork, metal and pottery. We will connect the artist to relevant thought leaders and will assist them in organizing workshops and events to raise awareness. The Project House community will be here to support the artist every step of the way. In addition, we will introduce the artist and connect them to a wide network of other house projects and art space both in Potsdam and Berlin. The residency includes a honorary of 400 Euro and assistance with travel and visa issues.

Logistics of the Residency & How to Apply

The artist-in-residency will consist of a three week stay, between June and September 2019. The exact time frame is agreed with the artist

Application details

Please send the following documents to
by November 15 2018, 18 O’clock

-Portfolio: max. 10 pages, including relevant former projects from the past five years, no more than 10 MB
-Short Vita and max. 1 page motivation, explaining why do you apply for Zone C, how does this residency fit in your artistic development
-Please include time information on your choice of three consecutive weeks of Zone C

Please contact Petar or Natalia at
should you have any questions about the programme.