Artist in residency: Zone C
Setting up an artist in residency in a trailer of the Project House Potsdam. Joining »Zone C« in August 2019 are Sara Piotrowska and Mateusz Szymanowski. More info here.

Event (DE): Wem gehört die Stadt?!
Panel discussion, organized in cooperation with Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz, with a focus on possibilities of participation in shaping the city’s architecture, at Nicolaihaus, April 2019. More info here.

Exhibition: Curatorial Part Uno
Photos of »Along the Lines«, as part of the group exhibition curated by Franziska Harnisch and Mirjam Wendt, Alte Münze, Berlin, November 2018. More info here.

Exhibition: Along the Lines with OPEN CALL
New funding available from Hauptstadtkulturfonds for a new exhibition in former signal towers, autumn 2019. Please keep an eye on the upcoming OPEN CALL coming up between March and May.

Event (EN): The Future of (Co)Living
Talks on different models of co-living, their structures, and the dynamics of their communities. How is it to live in a co-living space? Factory Berlin, May 2019. More info and free registration here.

Exhibition: Manifest of Practice, Bauhaus 100
Video and photos of »Along the Lines«, as part of the group exhibition showing innovative projects associated with Bauhaus today, Thüringenhaus, Berlin, January-February 2019. More info here.